At last, an acronym of the end times that avoids the song copyright police. TEOTWAWKI, which I can't spell out for fear lawyer from the band REM comes for us in the dead of night. You can go here so see a safe explanation without fear of Rapid Eye Movement or Tolstoy Edited Oscar Wild And Willy Knows Ivan.


Free kindle edition today!!!!!

Religious happiness comes for free when they enter the gates of Heaven. Why bother aiming for utopia when you get it for free when you die? Doomsayers aren’t in this for the glory of being a peacemaker, solving world hunger, or making people wealthy and happy. They just need to be sure they die with their scorecard properly tallied on the winning side.
Compromise isn’t what the religious do. The world is not perfect, so why not destroy it? David wants to kill Goliath. God hates Goliath, so go ahead. It’s too much trouble to make friends out of your enemies. It’s too much trouble to make lemon-aid from life’s lemons. 
Stop recycling, it’s all going to be incinerated anyway. Snub your sinful neighbor, he’s already on the list. Join the Republican Party, they are on the winning side when there are no sides. Rip it off quick like a bandaid.


World Ended - Too bad, I was on vacation....

The world ended over the weekend. Sorry to tell you so late, but here at Boys Book, we were on vacation in Australia and in particular on the wonderful Kangaroo Island. Kangaroos, wallabies. wombats and extra cute wallabies have protected us down here from the end of the world. If you lived in the northern hemisphere, sorry.

No. really!!! We are sorry! We may have been protected down here, standing on our heads, but in the North, you all didn't even get Armageddon! How unpleasant for you that there were no four horsemen, plagues, torture etc. Just another day.

Jose Luis De Jesus (i.e. the best name for a savior ever), leader of Growing in Grace International Ministry and Jesus impersonator, has already gained super powers and most of the world is dead and doesn't know it.

Mr Jesus, who often dresses as Captain Bang from the Pirates of Penzance
or for a dinner party with black tie required, has been declaring his second coming for quite some time. Unfortunately mostly Mexico and Canada seemed to be the only ones that knew about all of this (Senior Jesus is from Puerto Rico which as you may remember from the Bible is the second holy land). We think the rest of us have been preoccupied with Bird Flu, Mayans, and Harold Camping to be bothered by a Mexican savior named Mr Jesus.

On the other hand, we are impressed. Mr Jesus has some of the best video candy of the coming apocalypse we have ever seen with English subtitles. Take a look at the following video. You'll start drooling for more! We can hardly wait for Mr Jesus to come back for one more curtain call and perhaps a Daytime Emmy award for the best End of Days category. We'd add a Grammy for best ear splitting Germanic opera theme too.


Ten Reasons to be a Survivalist Hoarder

Ten Reasons to be a Survivalist Hoarder

1) Because when you go off your diet, you won't be tempted to eat the cardboard flavored ready-to-eat meals.
2) Finally a reason to use the pool room!
3) What hoard?
4) Your neighbors will have a good source of food after they steal your horde.
5) You can be happy knowing that you have helped an entrepreneur that prays on the fear of borders.
6) When you catch the plague, the piles of supplies will limit your contact with the rest of the world, saving countless lives.
5) The canned Peaches can double as radiation shielding.
4) You'll be 3 months late to Heaven (and or Hell because you weren't worth saving).
3) You'll have three months of food and supplies and three months to live in a world not worth living in.
2) You'll be the envy of your neighbors when everyone on Earth is dead.
1) You can be a star on the show, Doomsday Preppers, on the National Geographic Channel!

Read the book: Boys Book of Armageddon for more great tips! http://BoysBookofArmageddon


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Write a review for  Boys Book of Armageddon at Amazon.com and let me know here for a chance to win a $25 Amazon gift card. Be funny! Lucky winner will be announced March 11th, just in time for Daylight Savings Time (the collective time travel will end the world everywhere except Arizona).

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Boys Book of Armageddon and a little doom news

Boys Book of Armageddon is selling well. Time to get yours. The Kindle edition is free for those of you that own a Kindle and that have an Amazon Prime account. For the rest of you,. I've reduced the cost of the Kindle edition. The print edition is a little expensive, but you have to pay when you want something that can save you from a demon.

In terms of end of the world news. Time to catch up.

Republicans still think Obama is ending the world. This is odd because that's what they want, right? Gingrich even has an armageddon strategy. Most certainly he is running for president solely to cause Obama to be elected for a second term.

Mayans are still newsworthy with  recent articles. This one claims that we are doing it ourselves.

Finally, the anti-doomsayers are out in force. The doom to anti-doom ratio is still five to one, but expect the anti-doom to be more popular as scientists see an opportunity for more grant money.

Beat the rush and buy the eBook version of Boys Book of Armageddon before we run out of bits and bytes. And please, write a five star review. We can't buy our dog that missile silo in Nebraska without your help!


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